NATURAL COLOR EXPLAINED: We have had numerous emails and phone calls on lots of inquiries and on what natural color of hair really means and looks like? 

Answer: Virginhairworld natural color hair means, hair that comes in their original color, as in natural without any colorings whatsoever added when collected from donors. (also seen in photos on our website/s) virginhairworld hair are preserved in their original state when collected, they're washed and made to the weft naturally with no color added either to enhance the look of hair or dye to change color. Our natural hair color, are similar to off blacks or dark brown. They are not jet blacks, but you can dye them to jet blacks or any other color as suits your need.

Please note: Because all our hair are virgin hair collected from various donors, means, colors may varies, some natural colors are a bit more natural light brown or dark brown, as the case may be. Our hair are not mass produced or mass manufactured and so we can not guarantee that all hair will be same, or colors will be same, or that lenghts are all equal, some length 10inches for example may be longer, some shorter . This is because our hair are pure natural hair collected from various donors in places around the world ( eg, Brazil, India, Mongolia, Malaysia, Peru, Cambodia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia etc`) 

All Our virgin hair are pure hair, with no tamper to them or chemical treatments, which means, you're getting pure hair in their natural state, you will get short lengths,( this is found in your own real hair too)  if there are few greys, this is ok, it is pure hair.(color to perfection or your taste when you receive, we do not color them, we supply pure hair in their natural state) 

Processed hair are very perfect in presentaion sometimes,because they go through a lot to make them look appealing, hence they tangle quickly and shed. Most curly Processed hair are as hard as a steel when touched.. And this is the challenge we face  at virginhairworld  and so we try to make our hair presentable, but however presentable they come either in packaging vice versa,, natural hair should feel soft and moist,smooth, easy to run hands through, not hard, not coarse, curly ones should be soft and moist too, easy to run hands through, not coarse or stiff, All virgin hair  should go soft and relaxed when washed in water, the way your real hair would , and that is what our hair does and feel like and the quality we supply is one of the best in the market. Virgin hair should be curlable and should be able to straightened smoothly, and should take any high heat temprature from any electrical styler such as a straightener or a curler and ALL our Hair at virginhairworld perform and serve to satisfaction like a real hair should.

We are also proud to annouce and introduce our new signature soft brazilian curls! , relaxed bouncy moist soft curls, a major breakthrough improvement from us... We all know how hard it is to find a good curly hair, if you love curly hair, you'll agree with us... Its quite hard to find a good one, even we ourselves have made mistakes in the past by making bad purchases that were discontinued, a big loss for us  but in business? To succeed means keeping customers satisfied, improving but most importantly listening to customers... This is exactly what we have done...

ANSWER: Customer wants soft curly hair easy to manage, average to very curly, no shed, no tangle, able to wash, able to color. So soft you can run your hands through them, afro carribean ladies, want curly look like kinky but no coarse or dry hair. Hair so curly and soft that gives an afro carribean natural curly look for a natural beautiful hair for a brown to light skin woman.... If that sound like what you've been looking for? We've done it, dont beleive us? well, order just a pack and see for yourself and please give us your reviews, very important to us and other potential customers! Thank You! Click here for our new breakthrough soft brazilian curls...

Here we explain our types of virgin hair  to help you choose the hair extension that suits you best,either budget-wise or just to suit your lifestyle but most importantly, giving details to help you understand what to expect with your purchase and also guide you through. 

We stock three types of virgin hair at virginhairworld, namely Standard, Premium and Unprocessed virgin hair.

STANDARD: This are usually budget hair that can last from one year and beyond, depending on how you look after it. Its worth mentioning that all virgin hair will last longer if well looked after. (however the challenge most buyers face is actually discerning between a true "virgin hair" and non virgin hair as most first timers are sold fiber hair or high fiber temperature hair for virgin hair , please read more on our virgin hair explained and watch out for more upcoming news from us on virgin hair, care and tips on how to help you discern from a virgin hair and non virgin hair) Here at virginhairworld Its a well known fact that  some of our customers are maintenaining and re using our "standard virgin hair" for years and still re using them even as we speak, secret of a long lasting virgin hair lies within the maintenance, as long as it doesnt shed or tangle , how long it would lasts, lies completely in the hand of the purchaser. (please browse through our website to  read more on maintenance and tips and other information to help you get the best out of your virgin hair. We are regularly updating our maintenance and tips section , so its advisable to always check back for updates to help you enjoy wearing your hair for longer, visit our sister's site for blog and regular update on virgin hair latest news/videos.)

Standard Virgin hair are 100% virgin hair, shedding is minimal and this range is less expensive, due to some facts, such as:  average workers, who are paid to only collect hair, wash and sew to the weft. And even so, we're proud to say our quality beats any hair in the market for the prices we offer them, with little profits to keep business online…. There's no tangle nor shedding, we've worn and tried them ourselves and only reason we call them budget hair is due to the amount of labour and work force used up in collecting, wefting and putting the hair together .They're luscious, bouncy, silky smooth hair and texture is something you'll fall in love with . This is the ideal hair for those wanting to spend less money and at the same time achieve luscious natural looking hair. The only catch is, you must create and have the time to look after it, so it lasts longer for you. For more tips, Please see our maintenance and tips section.. Premium and unprocessed virgin hair are usually easier to miantain,virtually effortless in looking after, but higher in price  because higher technique and labour  was used in putting them together.

Standard Virgin Hair are suitable for first timers or those who are knowledgebale in virgin hair miantenance. If you're new to virgin hair, we recommed a standard virgin hair, it helps not to spend too much when you're trying something new. Those who are pros or just looking for a change or if you're looking for a seasonal hair, for example, changing from winter to summer and you prefer shorter hair in summer, and dont want to spend too much, this is great for a short change without spending too much? Special occasions? Or Just want a natural look? Diva look? Sexy? Whatever the need or look? Our Standard virgin hair will help achieve it for you, just give us a call if you're stuck or need assistance with delivery or need an expert advise?.. Please see our "Contact us" page for more information on cantacting us.

PREMIUM VIRGIN HAIR:  These are hair that have been carefully selected, this sort of hair are more expensive, because time and efforts was given to make them to their perfection state. This will normally involve extra workers/pay, picking and selecting hair, removing all short lengths, all greys, etc, and this makes them more expensive. This are great hair for anyone looking for pure virgin hair or a natural virgin hair that glows with luscious waves or silky breatheable straight hair. 100% pure virgin hair put together with state of the art technology, stripped of all impurities, cuticle facing same direction resulting in luscious envious glowing hair, Virtually no efforts required when it comes to maintenance. Simply dab your hands in a running water and wet it, if you're short of time, give it a quick brush, you're ready to go. Its simply money well spent and its the kind of  hair you'll re use time after time. It even gets better with each re use, This will last from  2 years and beyond, depending on how you look after it.

UNPROCCESSED VIRGIN HAIR: This is our signature hair, no words for it,its simply 100%  pure virgin hair as well but "superb", will last for many years depending on how you look after it, zero shed, zero tangle, simply pure hair and we do recommed going for the "Unprocessed Natiural Wave"  They're the fathers of virgin hair, zero shedding, and so breathable, you''ll be addicted to running your fingers through your hair over and over, smooth, luscious, and so soft. Higher labour and time was spent in putting this hair together, so price tag is worth it for the benefits you'll enjoy from wearing them. Please do leave us your reviews and feedback.

 At virginhairworld We source and supply hair that is "truly real, pure", and easy to maintain just like real hair. No tangling, no shedding... Once installed, our hair speaks for themselves.