Can I dye my human Hair Extension?

Yes you can, just like your own natural hair, you can dye your human hair extensions too.

How to look after human hair extensions?

We have some tips on human hair extension maintenance, click here

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Can you tone human hair extensions?

Yes you can, same way you tone your own natural hair.

Is Brazilian hair real human hair?

Yes Brazilian hair are real human hair and our Brazilian hair are cuticle aligned in the same direction. 

What are weft hair extensions?

Weft hair extensions are human hair sewn together to make the process of installation to one's own hair easy. Once sewn together , it is called weft.

How to put weft hair extension in?

You can install or put hair extension in, by  the glueing method or sewn in method. Usually you or your stylist will sew the hair weft to your own hair or use an hair glue to apply them to your own hair. 

Can I install hair extensions by myself t home? 

Yes you can, the easiest and simplest method to apply it yourself is by the glue on method. All you need is hair glue, mirror to aid you.

How to style weft hair extensions?

You can style your human hair weft  extensions to any style or pattern, human hair are all re stylable to any style besides the original style you bought them in. For instance, you can re style straight hairs into curly hair and so on.

What is the difference between human hair and Brazilian hair?

They are  both human hair but ​​​​​​​Brazilian hair are  a little bit thicker than human hair extensions such as European human hair, which are usually lighter in texture. Basically the texture is the difference, While Brazillian hair are thicker, other human hair extensions such as European hair are lighter in texture.

​​​​​​​What is the best Hair extensions?

"​​​​​​​Human" hair extensions are the best,  there are also "synthetic" hair extensions. Go for human hair extensions where you want the best.

How much are hair extensions?

The prices varies from different vendor to vendors as well as quality. 

How long do hair extensions lasts?

From months up till years, depending on the quality and level of maintenance applied to the hair. On average can last one year re using it. washing and re styling.

Can you dye hair extensions while in your hair?

Yes you can, simply apply the same care  and instructions as you would to your own natural hair.

How to hide extensions in very short hair?

​​​​​​​Depending on the installation method you have used to install  the hair extensions , usually you would be able to style it together with your real short hair and this should hide your own short hair. For instance, if you had used a glue on method for a straight hair extensions,(glueing the hair extension to your own hair) then straightening your hair together with the hir extensions will hide your own natural  hairs between the hair extensions.

What is virgin hair? 

Virgin hair are pure human hair collected from donors, no other deifinition or way around it, simply pure hair the way it should be when you receive them or buy one from a retailer. Here at virginhairworld, our virgin  hair are sourced and collected from donors around the world. They're then washed, striped off all impurities, eg lies, bad smell, etc, and made to the weft by skilled craftmanship. Sometimes, the quality of virgin hair you get depends on how much you're willing to spend, at virginhairworld, we make sure you get the worth of your money whichever category you choose from, ranging from premium to standard.

There are a lot of vendors out there that want you to believe  what they're offering you is  virgin hair. The problem is that, once the consumer buys it and gets it home for their use, it becomes quickly apparent that they're indeed not virgin hair and so have been ripped off. If you've been through this, fret not, we've been there ourselves , we'll talk you through how to differientiate between fake and real virgin hair. Please note: There are equally fiber hair, high fiber temperature hair being sold as virgin hair, simply because you can wash and color them. There are also mixes of hair, this would usually mean the mixutre of synthetic with human hair, when this happen, a cumsumer can hardly tell the difference, because you can equally do stuff like washing, and coloring with them.. One of the best way to recognise a real virgin hair is to take a strand of the hair, straighten it under a high temperature straightener. It should produce a silky straight hair with no burnt smell like rubber, if there's a smell like burnt rubber, then its fake, in some instance under a high temperature it will give burnt smell of human hair the way your own hair will smell if is burnt, when this happens, then its real hair, in most instances there's shouldn't be any burnt smell at all but the smell of human hair. After straightening, try, curling it again, it should produce a bouncy curl. If this happens, then its a real virgin hair. Virgin hair shuld be able to straight and curl with ease as human hair does. If none of this happens or you struggle to produce a curl or make it straight, it could be mixes of synthetics and human hair and so therefore its a fake.
If you have to do this many times on a strand of hair before producing either a curl or straight, i'm afraid its not virgin hair. Virgin hair should go straight or curly with ease with no much struggle or efforts. 

Some of the problems that are experienced with fake virgin hair are:

  • Stripped cuticles
  • Silicone coating
  • Excessive tangling
  • Excessive Hair shedding
  • Lice and nits
  • Mixed synthetic hair
  • Loses its sheen too quickly
  • difficulties to straighten or curl
  • Unclean condition
  • difficulties to apply coloring
  • Excessive tanggling after swiming 
  • burning or burnt rubber smell when straightening or curling
  • Hair does not wash properly, or tangles when washed
  • Hair does not take shampoo or conditioner.​

How do I avoid these problems now that I know what to look for?

All of these problems can be avoided with the correct product and hair of higher quality. Not all of these “higher quality” products are cost-prohibitive either. Just because the quality is better does not necessarily mean that the price is higher or should be higher. You need to keep your wits about you and not be fooled by the glitz and glamour that comes with marketing. Just remember, sometimes when a company has great packaging and pretty pictures, they could be trying to hide what is really behind their product. These may all be diversionary tactics that are used to stop you from asking the hard questions that they don’t want to answer.

Ways to see if you have the right source for your virgin hair

Do they guarantee their Virgin  Hair?
Get a money-back guarantee from your supplier. It’s easy to claim that you are second to none in the industry, but what are you doing to stand behind your product? Many times it is easy for companies to say that they have the best quality hair because they know that a user of their product is not going to have sophisticated microscopes at home to verify that the hair they purchased is what they say it is. That is why the company supplying you your hair should be willing to guarantee their hair. Look for the promise of their support and you will know that you are on the right track.

Your Virgin hair should be like this:


  • No tangling
  • Hair should be soft
  • Easy to run your hands through your hair
  • No shedding ( sometimes there could be an amount of forgivable shedding and this happens from the weft, not the quality of hair, this would have been problem from craftmanship rather than quality of hair, and this could occursometimes with cheap virgin hair, to minimise this, use a sealer, in cases of EXCESSIVE SHEDDING, this is not accpetabe for a virginhiar)
  • Hair should go soft when in contact with water
  • You should be able to swim with your virgin hair ( they should go soft in water and able to brush back to ormal aftwards Please see our maintenance and care for tips)
  • Hair should take any shampoo and conditioner that narural hair can take.
  • Hair should be colorable
  • Hair should straighten and curl (some customers save money by transforing their curly hair to straight hair and then wear them as loose waves aftwards, some go curly from straigth, this is the benefits of a virgin hair and if you do not get this from your virgin hair, then, please it is not virgin hair)
  • silky soft straight for stright hair (able to curl)
  • moist soft for curly hair (able to straighten)
  • able to re use (some of our customers use hair purchased from us for over a year and many years, this is how virgin hair should be)
  • hair should withstand any weather.


Buying from a shop?
Any retailer should be able to perform a short test for you in the shop if they're actually selling what they calim they have. Let them straighten a strand of  curly virgin  hair in your presence, ask for the processe to be dealyed for at least 30 sec per strand. Do the same for a a straight hair, ask for a strand to be curled up in your presence, delay process for at 30 sec, watch out for the smell of burnt rubber like smell. When released from the curler, do the curl bounce? If they look sluggy and lifeless when released from the curler, that could well be a mixed hair with synthetics. A real virgin hair should give a good bounce when released from a curler, and a straightened one should be silky straight, smooth and soft. 

Knowledgeable Customer Service and supporting staff

Be careful while shopping for your virgin hair. If you are too concerned with price, you could end up buying, what you think is a good deal, only to have to go back and buy more after having the painful lesson of wasting your hard-earned money on garbage hair that looks great when it arrives in the mail but quickly shows its true colors when you have to deal with it on a daily basis. You need to find a supplier that has a full team that will support your concerns or questions. They need to be a knowledgeable staff that can walk you through any questions that you may face. In this modern age, when anyone with a computer can throw up a web page, be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that is committed to excellence and a company that wants repeated business and not just a one-time purchase.

Here at virginhairworld, our virgin hair are grouped into three categories, Standard,Premium and Unprocessed. Stanadard which is a budget hair and only suitable for first timers, so you get yourself familiar with virgin hair maintenance before spending too much. Standard hair is equally suitable for those knowledgeable in virgin hair maitenance, and also good for short term wear or special occasion, Our standard Virgin hair, lasts from 2 months and more, depending on how you look after it, there's no guarantee against shedding. Premium are more luxurious hair, they're quality hair, no sheds, no tangle, they're simply natural hair with no impurities delivering guaranteed satisfaction. Our Unprocessed hair is our signature hair, completely in another class of its own, they will lasts for years, one word for it, simply "superbly made to perfection"

Key Benefits of virgin hair:

  1. Adds volume and body to own natural hair

  2. Helps maintain a healthy natural look

  3. Helps treatment of hair more easily due to use of natural human hair

  4. Helps eliminate chance of wasted investment in poor quality products

  5. Adds natural glow to ones appearance

  6. Ability to switch between styles

  7. Helps prevent lack of styling due to poor quality

  8. Improves longevity of extensions (ability to re use)

  9. Improves ones appreaance and confidence.

  10. Helps enjoy swimming and other hobies as well as easy care and maintenance